Mark White
4 min readMar 29, 2020
Image by Gary Ross from Pixabay:

Unsettled. Agitated. Distressed. Anxious. A sampling of the emotions gripping the world as we try to make sense of living with Covid-19. Every day brings a new wrinkle — changes, losses, uncertainty. The palpable fear is more contagious than the virus.

Some may find this silly, but do you know what bummed me out the most when the wave of cancellations began? Losing March Madness. Though my brackets are sometimes not much better than picking with a coin toss (I’ve tested it), I eagerly anticipate it each spring. The hopes and excitement of the athletes and fans, sharing in their triumph when their years of practice and effort paid off, and the routine of the bracket and the 68 teams was something stable and predictable each March.

Other cancellations and changes followed. It pained me greatly that it was no longer prudent to visit my children, grandchildren, and mother. How do we stay afloat in the midst of these turbulent times?

Much remains uncertain. As a marriage and family therapist, researcher, and professor I have witnessed numerous individuals, couples and families negotiate crises along their journey. Five stones form the foundation of the path I’m negotiating and I’ve seen others successfully manage as well: (1) making meaning, (2) relationships and connections, (3) biophilia, (4) information plus avoidance, and (5) advocacy. While I am generally doing well, I also want to be clear that some days this is…

Mark White

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